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Become an AHOF Campus Ambassador

AHOF Campus Ambassadors are students who spread the news about our exclusive society to their respective schools and campuses. They do so by distributing information about our organization to the entire campus community: graduating students, fraternities, sororities, campus clubs, and the administration.

Becoming a Campus Ambassador opens doors for you. The title and your duties would look fantastic on your resume; not to mention the fact that your association with the Academic Hall of Fame would make you the envy of many.

What would be your duties as an AHOH Campus Ambassador? A Campus Ambassador will:

  • Spread the news about Academic the Hall of Fame and promote its mission and activities in your institution.
  • Keep the Academic Hall of Fame updated regarding relevant and important activities in your school.
  • Set up Academic Hall of Fame posters on your school’s bulletin boards and around campus.
  • Disseminate news and information about the Academic Hall of Fame to your entire campus community.
  • Attend and represent the Academic Hall of Fame in campus, school, and club meetings.
  • Submit a short summary of your promotional work on behalf of the Academic Hall of Fame.

To apply as a Campus Ambassador for the Academic Hall of Fame, you need to:

  • Complete and submit the Application Form for Campus Ambassador
  • Submit a letter stating your interest in becoming a Campus Ambassador for the Academic Hall of Fame, why you believe you would be suitable for the role and how you plan on promoting the mission and activities and services of the Academic Hall of Fame to your school community.
  • Submit a copy of your official transcript.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation letter from your professor/teacher attesting to your ability to successfully promote the activities, services, and mission of the Academic Hall of Fame.

You will be notified in writing if you are selected.

Please send your information to our address:

Academic Hall of Fame
Campus Ambassador Department
P.O. Box 32694
Baltimore, MD 21282-2694